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Student Flow Management in Higher Education

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There is a technology that colleges and universities have been using successfully for years called Student Flow Management or SFM. A SFM system is the interface between students waiting in the lobby and a skills-based routing solutions. When a new student arrives, the SFM system evaluates the Estimated Wait Time (EWT) for a specialist. If there is no specialist available for a few minutes, the system quotes the EWT and allows the student do other things while the system saves their place in line. While waiting in the virtual queue, the caller is free to go about his business. When it is the student’s turn, they will receive a notification within the time quoted. This notification can be in the form of a number being displayed or announced, a text message, or in person.

Benefits of a SFM System:

  • Increase Employee Efficiency and First Contact Resolution: With a CFM solution in place, you achieve a greater return from your skills-based routing investment. This is true because you send fewer students to agents who do not have the skills to handle the transaction or inquiry. Employees are therefore not wasting time on transactions they cannot properly handle. With a SFM system, you are in essence reserving a specialist for your student and increasing the likelihood of first contact resolution.
  • Reduce Abandons: During periods of peak volume in your One-Stop Student Services Area, SFM immediately educates your students with the EWT and with options for managing the wait time, students who reserve their place in a queue will not leave out of frustration because they don’t know what to expect in terms of waiting.
  • Increase Student Satisfaction and Service Level:By offering students options, you demonstrate respect for your students' valuable time and elevate the level of service you offer. In addition, it is truly remarkable how the perception of time changes with SFM.

    To people waiting in your lobby, ten minutes can seem like an eternity. With a SFM solution in conjunction with Digital Signage or other forms of, such as magazines or even free wi-fi, the perceived wait time is drastically reduced. They can continue to be productive, engage in a conversation with other students, or get that second cup of coffee -- all the while knowing their place in line is secure. Ten minutes is gone before they know it. When called to, or by a employee in the time promised, you take student trust and loyalty to an unprecedented level.
  • Improve Employee Morale: Happy students mean happy employees. When student utilize SFM rather than waiting without a clue as to how long it will be before they will be seen, they are much happier when they meet the employee. This prevents the student from being upset because of the unexpected wait, which may now be making them late returning to class or other commitments. Happy students equal happy employees.
  • Reduce Labor Expenses: For every student that is routed through the SFM, the bank is saving on labor by efficiently matching resources with demand. Statistics and modeling, which is part of the SFM system, can also be utilized to create more efficient schedules, especially with part time employees.


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